5 Most Essential Soft Skills for a Successful Software Tester

By | November 4, 2018
soft skills

If you want to be a successful software tester you don’t need only technical skills. A software tester must have a set of skills, including some non-technical skills which are crucial for a smooth and effective work process. You need to be flexible, communicative, analytical, organized, and kind. Take a look below and think a bit about your set of skills. Are you doing well? If yes, that’s great, keep going! But if no, check what you need to improve.

Tact and Diplomacy

When raising a bug report, the tester should use diplomacy. Why? In most of the cases, a bug is the result of a mistake that the developer made, when writing the code. However, when we raise a defect report, this should point the software and not the person who made the mistake. With a little tact, we can always avoid bad feelings.

After all, software testers and developers work together and not against each other. Thus, if you want to be a successful tester, you need to focus on team building and smooth communication, expressing your opinion in an impersonal way.

Organization and Time Management

Software testing is a really demanding work, especially the week before the release of code. You, as a good tester, need to efficiently manage your time, depending on the workload and deadline, and organize properly your tasks, in order to achieve the highest productivity. Also, you need to be organized and responsible enough to be able to work and complete your tasks without too much direct supervision.

Effective Communication

A good tester must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. During your working day, you will need to create test cases, test plans, bug reports, and more artifacts, so you should ensure that everything is easy to read and understand by all the team members.

With gaining more and more experience, you will eventually find the proper way to communicate your artifacts. The information you provide must be complete and accurate. Also, you should keep in mind the golden rule of tact and diplomacy when communicating, as we already discussed above.

Analytical Thinking

To be a successful tester, one of the most important skills is analytical thinking. Analytical skills and common logic will help you determine and understand what, when, where, and how to test, creating the most suitable test cases.

Passion for your Job

 To be successful in any job or profession, you must have a passion for it. As a tester, you should be ready and enthusiastic to test and break the software and uncover its ”darkest” secrets. Additionally, you always need to update and upgrade your skills, as the software industry evolves overwhelmingly fast and you have to follow its pace if want to be a part of it. If you are an absolute beginner then probably you don’t know if you are passionate about testing or not. It’s simple, just start and try out yourself!



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