Why Software Testing is Really Important

By | November 14, 2018
software testing

We all are humans and humans do mistakes. The software is made by people, so it’s really possible that there are introduced errors. Lack of experience or knowledge of a developer, software’s complexity, or the effects of continuous changes can be some of the reasons behind the errors. Software testing will help us find these errors and remove them from the applications.

Imagine that you have an e-shop and there is a bug that blocks customers from buying your products; button ”Add to cart” is simply not working. Sadly enough, you just lost a certain amount of profit. In some cases, a software error can have a more serious impact, costing time, money, or even human lives. How we can avoid such unpleasant situations?

Why testing?

Testing can help us ensure that a software product lacks of critical errors, before its release in the market. Software testing is an equally important part of the development life cycle and many organizations realize that need to include quality assurance activities in this cycle.

Advantages of software testing activities:

Ensures that the application satisfies client’s needs and expectations

Increases the confidence in the quality of the product

Detect bugs on time, preventing loss of money and time

Ensures that data is safe and secure against unauthorized access

Verifies that the application can work on all supported browsers or operating systems

Software Testing can save you money

One of the major advantages of testing is cost-effectiveness, as it can save you money in the long run. An application development has many stages and when bugs are found earlier it costs less to fix them. Testers have the necessary skills and experience to contribute in the final product quality and save the budget.

Security in the first place

Stolen data and personal information from hackers, what a nightmare, right? People always look for products that are reliable and safe. As a user, myself, I always check websites to ensure the safety of my data, before doing anything on them. Our personal information should remain personal, that’s why testing for security and vulnerabilities is absolutely crucial, especially in applications that handle personal data.

Software testing can help in building a trustworthy and reliable application, keeping user’s information safe and secure. Actually, it can save you from a lot of troubles in the long term.

Come, give us a taste of your quality

Applications are built to serve users, thus it’s very important that bring the value they promise, working properly and ensuring a trouble-free experience. Software testing comes here to detect any problems that can prevent from a good user experience, checking for bugs, incompatibilities, as well as design issues and more. Detecting and fixing of issues always lead to an improved and higher quality of the application. That’s why Quality Assurance is a major and very important part of software development.

A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement

There’s a certain way of creating a service and experience that encourages people feeling like they matter. The ultimate goal for a software application is to offer the best client satisfaction. Software testing helps to provide the greatest user experience possible. The market is full of software products and applications, thus you need to stand out somehow.

Software testing contributes to building applications which satisfy customer’s requirements and needs, offering them the best user experience. Happy clients will also spread the word about your product, making the best advertisement for you. Client’s trust is not easy to gain, so you need to ensure that your application has no critical errors, while it is well-designed and easy to use. Remember, that market is saturated and the first impression is vital, otherwise, users will go elsewhere.

Improve quality and user experience by introducing Software Testing in your application development.

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12 thoughts on “Why Software Testing is Really Important

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  2. AvatarPanagiotis Kontogiannis

    Each site before it is live should be tested for errors if, from the beginning, everything in the code and site design is properly written, and the follow search engine rules are 60% complete. The other 40% will be SEO. If a business site does not have visitors, it does not make sense of existence.

    1. AvatarDrSavvina Post author

      Thank you for your comment, I totally agree. Early testing during software development can really save money, nerves, and time, even if the case is a small website or a simple e-shop. User’s (client) satisfaction should be one of the most important goals for website owners.


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